Message of Director of Postgraduate Studies Professor Sotirios Soulis

On behalf of the academic convenors and the teaching staff we welcome you to the site of the MSc programme in ‘Health and Social Care Management’ provided by one of the most historic Higher Education Departments in Greece (1974) in the field of Economics and Management of Health Services and Social Protection.

A postgraduate degree with significant openness that draws upon international partnerships and standardized operating procedures.

The interdisciplinary specialisation of the programme and the academic synergies in the fields of Economics, Management, Sociology, Law, Informatics and Social Research, offer you a holistic approach, with an applied and practical intake of advanced academic and administrative knowledge.We hope that your online tour to our MSc guide and the available information will help you make the best choice for your academic and professional advancement.

Professor Sotirios Soulis

Director of Postgraduate Studies